Space Monkey / Graduation project / 2011

When I look back on projects like these my first thought is always: I I only had the skills I have now, back then... I think most designers share that feeling ;) At the same time I still really like the atmosphere in this video and the mix of different techniques.


For my final exam I did two projects, one was a poppy music video and the other was this animation.


Video - Gaynelle Szoboszlai

Music and Sound-design - Julian Enequist

Historic material - The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit


Special thanks to:


Coby Ruijs

Carsten Klein

Marc Bouwmeester

All my teachers from the AKI for all there knowledge and support


This video called 'Space Monkey' is inspired by the thirty-two brave explores that were send into space in the late forties till the mid nineties. It tells the story of a brave little monkey who is send into space to fix a machine.


In this video I combined different analog (and some digital) techniques. Almost everything you see is handmade from paper, sand, ink and paint. Photographed in bright light to give it dark shadows and some extra drama. The screens were recorded from a 30 year old television screen, while fiddling with the cables. Even the reflections on the monkey's helmet were made by putting a fishbowl in front of an old television.


After I made all if this footage by hand I put it all together and brought it to life using Photoshop and After Effects. The video was actually completely in color, but later I changed it to black and white to give it more of a period feel to it.


Creating the music was very much similar to creating the video. All the sounds (accept for some camera sounds) were made by hand. So no fancy modern bass loops or guitar clips, instead he mainly used an old synthesizer and made the rest himself. Eventually it all came together in the computer, this makes it all very organic and perfect for my video.